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  1. I am a huge “folk rock” fan. I read the article in the Miami Herald and immediately ordered the CD. I was blown away. I loved it. Not only is Bobby’s voice captivating (I can’t get my picture of the Dutchman out of my head), and Bobby’s daughter, Bryn (spelling?),incredible, knowing that Croz was singing backup makes the songs that much richer. I also bought the digital album so that I could have it with me and listen to it where-ever. Then, last week I had the privilege of meeting Bobby and Bryn at Graham Nash’s concert (who, by the way gave a shout-out to Bobby), and became more enamored. Bryn told me her album is next. Sign me up!!


  2. Hi, might I suggest the time is right for documentery about Bobby Ingram on Ezzie films just like the wonderful Vagabondo about Vince. He has a million stories about the music he’s played and the famous friends he’s played it with. It would go hand in hand with “Postcards from Coconut Grove”. Again, just a friendly suggestion,thanks.
    Kevin Hurley
    P.S. The cd release party was a total success.

  3. Todd Kwait,

    I found out about you from reading the piece in the Huffington Post about your connection with the History of Folk music. Congrats on your follow-through and drive. Your story is incredibly interesting and provides a lot of hope for the music business in general. I look forward to viewing the film.

    I’m reaching out to you because I have a similar drive for a project I’m very interested in. In a sense, I feel it’s my life’s work because it ties in so many different elements I’ve been interested in for decades. So, I read in the Huffington Post article about how you (Todd Kwait) once sent a letter pitching your idea. In a sense, I am now doing the same.

    I have written a concept album/rock opera (for lack of a better word) that I’ve started recording demos for. The demos consist of my vocal and acoustic guitar. You may immediately cast me off, but I do have a long history of songwriting and have recorded full length albums in the past (check out for more on that). I also have experience playing live – opening for Grammy Award winner Shaun Colvin at World Cafe Live in Philly. Finally, I have a nice, moderately sized following on YouTube with some of my cover songs approaching 100,000 views.

    Anyway, I’m filming each of the demos, so I can post them to YouTube and use them for an upcoming kickstarter campaign, which I hope will help fund my album. I’m about half way through the 20 song (two-part) album demos.

    The unique thing about the album is it’s concept and linearly-tied story about historical, present and future geopolitical events. In a story form it details non-fiction, historical events that are somewhat recent (9/11, middle eastern wars, financial crisis, national surveillance). It should be noted that it does so in a non-partisan way. It also discusses non-fiction, future geopolitical events (like WWIII and it’s aftermath). The stories imagery ties history with present with upcoming events using theory from economics (I’m an economist), philosophy, theology and just general Nostradamus-oriented prophecies. It also uses a lot of chess imagery in the lyrics. So, basically it’s a linear story from the present to how the world ends up at “1000 Years Peace” (which is the album title). Admittedly, the album may sound a bit crazy – I’m aware of that. But, most concept album/rock opera ideas probably do too.

    I do think there’s appeal for this and, after careful consideration, I believe it may be best to do it in a singer-songwriter or folk style format, which is another reason I’m reaching out to you. That way, the story telling inbetween songs could connect the story. I think there’s potential for relatively solid appeal with the right backing. Who knows, maybe the idea could even be sold to another band/singer. From my perspective, everyone loves a story, everyone loves music and everyone is intrigued by current events and prophecy.

    Anyway, after reading your piece in the post, I figured it was worth a shot to reach out to you. If you’re interested in learning more, maybe I could send over one of the live demos for feedback.

    If not, I wish you the best with your record company and your career. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.



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